35 Incredible Half Bathroom Decor Ideas

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if you have limited space in a house. Surely you will have difficulty in designing the room that you will place there. With that, you have to think smart so that all rooms can be created even though the room doesn’t have a large size. One of the rooms that must be in the house is the presence of a bathroom. When you wake up, you will definitely go to the bathroom to wash your face or take a shower.

With this important function, having a bathroom in the room is something to try. However, if you only have a small room, you can use a little space to build a half bathroom there. In building it, you have to think about the design that you will apply. Because of the size, you have to design the bathroom properly so that it will create a comfortable bathroom even though the size is only half. Let’s see some pictures below!

With the condition of the small room, the design of bathroom that you choose must be minimalist. You must choose an interior that matches the size and you can’t force to put a large interior like a bath up there because it will require a large place. There are some interiors that you can put in half bathroom, there are toilet, sink, mirror, storage, and shower. You can use the space under the sink for your bathroom storage and you can also make storage attached to the wall because it can save space there. Actually, you can choose white as the basic color of this bathroom concept because white can give a broad impression of a room. In order to further maximize the appearance, you can provide wall art decoration there.

So, for those of you who are still confused in designing half bathroom in your room. You can make the pictures above as the reference that can be your inspiration in making it. Choose one that you like and try to make it now! Good luck!

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