35 Rustic Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

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Everyone dreams of having a cozy and modern living room. They realize that the need of living room which is comfortable and inviting must be considered well. As the place to socialize, get together, and entertaint center, a living room must be attractive so that whoever comes to the living room will love staying longer there. There are some aspects to deal with when we want to have a cozy living room. The furniture, the lighting, the arrangement of the room, some interesting ornaments, and so on

Knowing that a living room play an important role at home, some designers think that designing a living room must be on plan. To consider your best style of your living room, a rustic modern farmhouse can be your option. This style offers you the unique old style with impressive and coziness. Check out the followings pictures to get a rustic modern farmhouse living room inspiration.

Talking about rustic farmhouse will never end since it uniqueness always hypnotizes everyone. It also brings its calm yet warm nuance. The first thing to take before having such a rustic farmhouse living room is finding the right furniture. The furniture enables to create the ambiance and impression toward your living room whether it is modern, luxuruous, glamour, and so on. Wooden and palette are the materials usually used in rustic farmhouse living room. Starting from the floor, you can feature your floor with beautiful dark wooden floor. To balance it, you can comolete this style with a white rug in a Moroccan pattern. Make your sofa as the focal point of your living room resembles the daybed by providing white cushions and a throw blanket.

To make a entertainment corner, use raw wood with barn style doors. Place your TV mounted to the wall so that there is free available space on the top of the cabinet to put a vintage basket, lanterns, or a potted plant. Moreover, adding wall decor seems to be a good idea to sharpen the touch of rustic farmhouse. A boxwood wreath and recyclex window display is the one you can try. Make an additional shelf under the window to place some ornaments like lanterns or flower vase. Barnwood wall decorations with chevron accents can simply beautify the feel of rustic farmhouse then. Combine with a calm white wall paint and natural lighting from the window. Give a certain touch for your table with a wooden box and planter for a Mason jar. Well, there are still many ideas to follow about rustic modern farmhouse ideas, so you can check the pictures for more inspirations.

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