43 Smart Ideas to Recycle Your Old CD’s

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Old CD that can not used anymore can be your chance to create something pretty and useful. Just simply recycle it by making some DIY projects using it. You can do the DIY by simply stick it into the spot or stuff that you want without change the shape or broke it into pieces and make the pretty and unique mosaic. If you decide to use the blink part of the CD then it will be adorable, but if you want to paint it into certain colors that you want, then it will also pretty.

Mostly you can use the CD to create ornament, but you can also use it to make accessories or something that is more useful like photo frame. For the ornament, you can create hanging ornament, wall ornament, or something that can be placed in your coffee table or your decoration table in the entryway. Look at the following pictures for your references design to give you inspiration.

You can add the material for your DIY old CD craft. Prepare some beads, rope, ice cream sticks, glue and other tools that you may need. For the additional materials and tools, just adjust based on your DIY designs. If it is possible, it will be great if you paint it to make certain pretty pattern or pictures that indicate your home style so that everything will be in harmony.

For the placement, you can utilize it to be your indoor or outdoor ornament. For the outdoor, you can even use it to beautify your planter. Make some hanging ornament and you can hang it on your garden tree. It will be awesome when the blink side of the CD exposed by the sun because it can give such a pretty light. For indoor ornament, you can just simply put it to the spots you may think still need the additional touches to beautify the look.

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