50 Apartment Herb Garden Ideas For Your Apartment

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Not only as decoration, have herb plants had many benefits. Growing media now is not only a large area of land, but you can make a garden pot as a planting medium. So you can plant various plants anywhere. Planting a variety of plants that at the same time have functions and benefits that are a lot more like planting beautiful flowers. For example by making the following herb garden. Aside from being a decoration you can benefit from your plants.

Today, many people have realized that growing herbs is actually more beneficial than planting expensive plants that are not useful. Plus, many herbs are considered by the public as an alternative in overcoming various health problems. So that planting herbs is considered more profitable. Aside from being an herbal herb plant can also be used as a beautiful decoration. This can be seen from the following examples of herbal plants. Not only has a cool color, but also has a decorative leaf and stem shape.

However, you must pay attention to at the same time selecting several herbal plants that you can plant around the house. Especially if you decide to plant these herbs as decoration of your apartment. The narrow location makes you have to be smart in choosing the right size and type of herbal plants. This aims to not cause problems in your apartment such as space suitability.

Choosing the size of the plant you should also pay attention to the pot and other planting media. So you can also take advantage of the beauty of both. The size of the plant you should adjust to the area of the room. Or you can make a vertical garden like the following. Who would have thought a vertical herb garden would present a beauty and comfort in a home. It’s time you start to be selective in choosing useful plants and still beautify your room.

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