47 Ways to Display Your Keepsakes from Your Trips

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Keepsakes are something that must be bought when you do traveling or you may get it from your family or friends who just have their traveling. It could be used as the reminder for the places that you have visited. Although it may only in a cheap and small thing but keepsake is really worthy to be kept well. It even more great if you can place it into the proper media so that it could be used as your home decoration at once.

The interesting thing about keepsakes decoration is that you can make the DIY of it. Since the keepsakes could be in form of many things, you can design it into certain craft decoration projects that are adjusted with the keepsake itself. You may will also have the keepsake of a place that you don’t even bought, commonly it is from the nature elements. Let’s say for the sand, rock, and other things come from the beach like the dried sea star.

When preparing your DIY keepsakes decoration project, you can use the materials that already exist in your home like the mason jar, unused bottles, photo frame, and the other possible materials that will be fit with your keepsakes. Use the pictures of your traveling memories to remind you more about the places and the good memories that will be great to be memorized.

For the placement, it will be really flexible because you can arrange it into any room in your house. Commonly people place it into their kitchen or their bedroom. Anyway, if you think that your DIY keepsake craft decoration are quite prestigious, then you can install it for your living room decoration then your guests will be impressed with your traveling stories and your home decoration will be upgraded.

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