53 Living Room Curtain Ideas to Upgrade Your Interior Instantly

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Decorating living room is an exciting thing to do because we can keep improving the looks just by adding and taking accessories from the room. One of the accessories used is curtain. You can decide whether the curtain will blend with the other decoration or will pop as the accent of the living room. Here are several ideas of living room curtain to upgrade the interior instantly!

Deciding the theme or main color before decorating your living room is important, so the curtain can come in the right shape, color and material to suit the room. You are able to make a spacious yet still in elegant look by using translucent curtain. Use a ribbon to tie the curtain and keep it still is effective, since you can keep the curtain open and give accent to the curtain itself. The height of the living room will give you a challenge to measure the curtain correctly; but if you are succeed in choosing the right size for the room then you will have an elegant and luxurious living room appearance.

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