46 Shoes Closet Ideas for Women

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For women, shoes are a very important item to have after bags and clothes. So do not be surprised if they have more than one hundred pairs of shoes in his house. Almost every shirt has shoes that match the color of the shirt. There are also women who have a hobby of shoes collection. So that every woman has different fashion shoes without realizing it turns out your shoes need a special room to store your shoe collection to make it look neat and easy when you want to wear it. When you have lots of shoes, you will definitely be lazy if you arrange them at the same time. Then it would be better if you have a shoe rack.

At present there are many shoe rack models with unique designs and high aesthetic value. Looking for shoe rack ideas can be found here. Have a special room for shoes who does not want. Easy to find and save. Complementing the shoe closet with various shelf designs makes the room look like a shoe gallery that will spoil your eyes and fashion style.

In choosing a shoe storage rack, you should choose a rack with a different size in each cabinet. Because you definitely have different shoe sizes and styles. Shoe racks are also available in various models. Like the cabinet models that are available to store one shoe in one box. Or a drawer type shoe rack made of wood complete with a lid to place your shoes.

If you are the type of creative person, you can also make shoe rack creations and designs according to your ideas. You can make shoe racks that are stuck to the wall. This type of shoe rack can put your heels so that your shoes will appear to be floating. Choosing a good type of shoe rack with a lid such as a wardrobe or without a lid, the shelf material you should consider. Because this will be related to the durability of the shoe rack. Many shoe racks use wood, but some are made of aluminum or iron. If we look at a wooden shoe rack it will be more beautiful and has good aesthetic value.

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