44 The Best Small Kitchen Idea of the Year

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Do you plan to upgrade your kitchen? This is the right moment to renovate your kitchen since this year style offers you some simply elegant ideas. But, what about small kitchen space? Can’t you have the best design you want? Why not! Keep scrolling down this article to get more inspiration of small kitchen then.

A small space of your kitchen is not a barrier for you to be a chef. You can design it to be a very enjoyable and cozy room ever. A cozy kithen must consider the cleanliness aspect as well. Though you only have a minimal space, you must organize it in detail to make it practical and stylish.

Storages for a small kitchen are important things. Your kitchen tools and utensils must be store well in certain storages like cabinets or closed glassy shelves so that they are protected from dust, stay clean, and reachable. Turn every corner as a storage corner with closed floating shelves to store and display your plates, glasses, and other ceramic pieces. Then, make letter L shape for your cabinet to give more spare inch to put other elements. Furthermore, apply calm and soft color as the dominant wall paint. For example, a kitchen with white as the dominant color will create a brighter and fresher ambiance to make more spacious impression. Apply white for cabinets, wall, and floor, for example.

For a small kitchen, having a kitchen island seems to be impossible. But, if you really want to have it, choose the smaller one with contemporary style made of marble. You can replace it with a small dining table with two to three chairs if you want depend on your need. Go with patterns for the wallpaper or backsplash. Polka dots or chevron patterns become popular because of their elegance and simplicity. Moreover, you can opt a modern stove to give sophisticated touch. Balance your design with greenery. This simple trick creates a lively ambiance. A potted low maintenance plant put in the upper shelf or on the table will surely add an overwhelming look. To get more inspiration and references of floor, ceiling, and other elements, check out the pictures and find the one you are going to apply for yours.

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