49 Cozy Small Bedroom Design For Your Son

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A youngster’s bedroom should have a design that may care for their comfort and happiness. Beds for children aren’t just somewhere to sleep on. But, rooms for kids have a tendency to be small, so there’ll be an excellent solution to make it well organized and easy managed.

Some parents think it is challenging to set up their son’s bedroom. The concept that must be considered is that it should be fun, masculine, simple, yet comfortable. A small bedroom then, becomes more aspect to think. We could not take too many elements or furnitures to save the space. Lighting, color scheme, storages, and ornaments have to be the focus. As a son have simpler stuffs than girls, you can arrange his bedroom as simple as possible.

Among the most important room tips that you ought to consider before you must do anything is the design. It is possible to select your pick of furniture and provide an upgrade to the interior. The other aspect is about the color scheme. Apply bright colors like blue, green, light grey, or beige to make sense with your son characters. To get more fancy and fun impression, some colorful items can be added , like colorful rug, pillows, and paintings. If your son is into toys, you can make a floating shelf to display his toys above the bed. You even may have more than one floating shelves if it is nessesary. Some toys storage like small rattan baskets on the wall can be your options. Your son can easily tidy up his toys after playing into these baskets to create his responsibility.

In addition, you can have wallpapers to give fun patterns. Like polka dots pattern, it gives the nuance of young and funky, but not overwhelming or distracting. Besides, you may choose stripes wallpaper which can be removed or changed based the need when your son gets older. For sons who are keen on sport and music, add a display or shelf to show some pieces like a ball, a skateboard, or a giutar. The corner of the bedroom can be the right place to apply this idea. Moreover, some boys like to have a bunk bed. You can mix and match the bright color of the sheet and pillows to make the bed more inviting. To give you more inspiring idea of small bedroom for your son, check out the pictures above and ask your son which one he love the most to have. Enjoy!

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