49 Welcoming Porch Wall Decor Ideas to Inspire You

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Getting confused to decorate your porch? Just don’t be worried since there are lists of inspiration below that give you such ideas to beautify your porch especially the wall. As the face of your house, the porch must be decorated well to make image that represents the whole house impression.

Since the wall is the focal point of the porch, it can be the spot to display or install other elements that help to make it more inviting, like planters, paintings, lanterns, and so on. The followings are some ideas that you may steal to make your porch more interesting.

As one of the places to relax and enjoy the spare tume, a porch may become the favorite place at home if the decoration is great. Make something lively and eye-catching to attract anyone who comes to your house. The most common item to have is a letter box with your house number which made of woofen pallet. You even can add you initial name on it so that anyone who looks for your house can easily find it. Moreover, you may also hang a unique old frame to get a rustic touch for your brick wall. On the other hands, hang a flower wreath to give natural and fresh ambiance can be the next great idea to have. For floral idea, hang your planters on the wall so that when the plants or flowers get bloom, the planters are covered perfectly so that they create illussions that the flowers grow from the wall.

As lighting plays an important role to make a dramtic and romantic impression, the idea of installing lanterns is the one you can have soon. Hang some rattan baskets under the lanterns as many as the lanterns amount and fill them with flowers with eye-catching color like orange, red, or pink. Hang some Mason jar bottles as candle holders become a creative and fabulous idea to light up your porch. Don’t you think it is a good idea? Put some signs on the wall like Hello, Welcome, or seasonal sign like Merry Christmas in pretty scrip lettering with bright color to make it beautiful. If you like to have floral touch for your porch, you can modify your wall with coir planters. Well, after checking out the pictures, we guarantee you get inspired and decide to upgrade your wall porch then. Have a fun wall porch decorating! 

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