52 Built-in Planter Ideas That Easily Beautify Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor space is a place where you can express your expression and creativity in creating an amazing work. If you have managed to decorate all parts of the house, then decorate outdoor space in your home is something to do from now on. Usually, someone just makes a garden full of greenery in their outdoor space, but actually it’s only ordinary that everyone can make.

For that, you can create an outdoor space that is used to sit relaxed while enjoying a beautiful and fresh garden view. One of the seats you can make is with a board like a boat deck that can provide a warm atmosphere there. However, if you don’t really like materials like decks, you can try with other materials that you like. And to perfect the appearance, you have to be built in planters there. Before we continue, let’s see a few pictures below!


Like the pictures above, it’s no secret that plants can provide a fresh atmosphere in a building. And it also applies to seat in a garden. Built in planter is the best way for you to apply there. Besides being able to give a fresh look, the presence of a planter can also give a beautiful appearance. You have to design a seat that integrates with the planter there. One example is you can place the planter at the tip of the seat. You don’t need to place large plants. But choose plants that match the size of the planter that you made. So that it can create a harmonious appearance. The plants you choose also don’t have to be green. You can choose plants like flowers there, so when the flowers are blooming, it will produce an extraordinary appearance.

For those of you who plan to make a planter at home. Make some pictures above as your reference in making a planter. The pictures above are the best images that we provide. So, choose your favorite and start making it now!

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