44 Garden Fence Design Ideas in Your Home

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Everyone dreams about a homey and comfortable dwelling. They also agree that a dwelling must be safe yet artistically well designed. There are some elements to reach a comfortable house, like how the owner organizes every available space, what style he chooses to design their house, how the security aspect of the house goes, and so on.

In term of security aspect, this article will be focused on garden fence design ideas. It is one of the ways that must be considered because it plays an important role as well. For further explanation and examples, please scroll down this page and get some inspiration of the best garden fence.

Basically, garden fence has some functions. It protects your garden from critters, to make a bound from the rest of your backyard, and surely pretty up your garden. A good and creative fence will make anyone who comes to your garden get impressed and interested. Weathered white fence proves that antique wood can create a beautiful fence. It also makes a pop for your green garden protection. For more visual interest, just bring wooden fence with metal gate. Moreover, some people may think to have accent fence. It sounds interesting since you need a backdrop that line the sidewalk or pathway. 

The next garden fence ideas is wood slat fence. It not only protect you garden, but it also gives you a little privacy. It is tall enough yet still elegant to be applied for a large garden. What makes a tall garden fence becomes the commonly chosen idea is that it provides us a cozy nook in the garden to have a peaceful Sunday morning coffee. You even may add seats or bench and hammock for more reading time zone. Decorate your garden fence from wooden and wire will protect your garden without feeling overwhelming. This rustic fence keeps your plants safe and sound. Look at the pictures for more inspiring garden fence and get the one fits to your garden. 

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