47 Kitchen Shelf Design with a Narrow Room

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Talking about kitchen design will never end. There are lots of ideas to deal with the ways to make a kitchen comfortable yet simply elegant. Some functional yet decorative elements like shelves become the important thing that must be considered. The shelves can be your storage, display, or even decorative elements that may give a big deal in beautify your kitchen.

We guarantee that almost all kitchen have shelves to put anything such as kitchen utensils or plates. Kitchen shelves becomes a good news for those whose kitchen is narrow then. The shelves are the smart trick to get around with your narrow kitchen to make it workable and aesthetically well organized. Now, it is tome to check out the following pictures to get more inspiring kitchen shelves idea.


There are some kinds of shelves idea to apply for your narrow kitchen. It is no matter what styles of your kitchen is, you can easily opt the one you love as your functuonal yet artistic kitchen shelves. Open shelving idea is the first idea we will discuss. It is genious since it brings an elegance and easiness for you to manage the tools you have. An open shelf made of wood or steel is the one that is the most commonly found. You can put your bowl, glasses, or even greenery on the shelf. The shelf can be stuck on the wall to save your space. Floating shelves is another idea to save your narrow space. You may have a look for rustic farmhouse shelves made of wood. This kind of shelves bring charm for your rustic kitchen. Though it may cost more, but the worthy statement of wooden shelves will give your kitchen more fabulous. 

Make efficient for your available free corner by installing floating wooden open shelves. It is the way to make your corner becomes the big point to see. Put your microwaves or other kitchen gadgets under the shelves to make more efficient space. Moreover, putting a floating shelf above the sink is such a tradituonal ways. But, it seems to be very helpful to put your dishes, soap, or houseplants. There are still some well-placed kitchen shelves as you can see from the pictures. Opt the one that supports and matches with your narrow kitchen. Be ready to upgrade your narrow kitchen with effective and functional decorative shelves! 

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