63 Impressive Home Kitchen Designs That are very Popular Nowadays

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What is your favorite kitchen style? Modern? Rustic? Industrial? No matter what it is, the most important aspect of a kitchen is how it is organize well and clean. So, whoever visit the kitchen, they will be comfortable to do the activities and happy to stay longer there. It is not only the matter of how wide your kitchen space is, as long as you choose the right style and do maintenance, your kitchen will get anyone impressed.

Knowing that designing a kitchen is challenging, some people may be confused on how to make a dreamy kitchen comes true. As the cleanliness and coziness become the most important consideration, the parts like wall, floor, sink, lighting, countertop, and many more need to be planned first before you make your kitchen. What we presented below are some examples of kitchen ideas that may inspire you alot. Check them out!


If your kitchen space is narrow, you might be worried on how to get around with it. There are some ideas to make a larger impression of small kitchen. The simple thing is by applying bright color scheme like white or beige for your elements like wall, floor, and cabinets. These three parts are the biggest part which play as a focal point for a kitchen. Give the effect of lighting which make it brighter to add good ambiance for your kitchen. The zone of sink or washing and praparation are the ones that need brighter lighting. For additional artistic lighting, install pendant lamps over your dining table to give romantic yet reaching aesthetical value. As a natural lighting, large glassy window for your kitchen is effective. It would be very nice if your kitchen is directly facing the backyard so you can see your backyard through your glassy window while cooking.

On the other hand, wall is the significant part to consider. Why? It is because wall gives a big deal on creating the first impression toward your kitchen. If there is enough space, think of storages that you can out them on the wall. Such a shelf on the wall made of wood or steel, it will help you much to store your kitchen utensils, any ornaments like greenery, ceramics, or bottles. Use some shelves as your kitchen collections get grow. Even, you may display your plate collection on the shelves and arrange them from the smaller to the biggest or vice versa. Moreover, some designers suggest you to choose tiles for your floor or backsplash since tiles give you easiness on cleaning process. One of the characters of tiles is that they are durable so they fit to your kitchen as the most commonly used room. To give you more inspiring ideas, just look at the pictures to get other ways to organize your kitchen to be the most comfortable room at home.

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