41 The Best Shoes Storage Design Ideas

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Are you a shoes collector or the ones who are crazy of shoes? We think that your hobby is exciting to discuss about. But, the more exciting topic to share is about how could you store your hundreds pairs of shoes then? Are you using racks, a capboard, shelves, or any other idea?

This article will focus on shoes storages that may inspire you alot in storing your shoes. Because your shoes are very precious, you absolutely want to keep them well. But, here, we will give you some inspiring ideas to have extraordinary shoes storages that you never think before.

The first idea is a ladder shoe shelf. This genious idea makes your shoes storages perfectly unique. Just buy a ladder and five board of wood then you will get an amazing tiered rack to display all of your shoes. The second idea is pipes shoe rack. What makes this idea great is that you are possible to make it by yourself. First of all, you have to find the right size of the pipe, match it with your shoes. Then, cut them down to shoe-length, and stack together using pipe glue. Put this pipe rack on the corner of your bedroom. The next idea is using hanging shoes organizers. You can hang some to accomodate your lots of shoes in the cupboard. But, some people think that this idea is not space efficient to hang in a cupboard.

Moreover, you may also create a copper shoe rack on the corner of your room. This idea seems to be gorgeous, but if you cannot provide a cover for your rack, it is possible for your shoes to be dirty because of the dust. A crate shoe rack made of wood is the other idea of shoe storages you may have. It fits to your farmhouse concept since the unpolished wood makes it looks rusty. The easiest shoe storage idea is using shoe hangers. Tie up a rope on one side of wall in your bedroom to hang your shoe hangers. Make some if you need to cover lots pairs of shoes. The other idea you may try is using a folding shoe cabinet that sounds to be a save space idea. It is better because your shoes will be well protected from dust. To get more inspiring shoe storages, have a look to the pictures.

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