47 The Best Women’s shoes Rack Design Ideas That You Can Try

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Being a woman must have a beautiful and attractive appearance. The appearance isn’t only about how the makeup and hairdo she uses but also about how she dresses. When talking about dresses, there are a lot of women’s clothing designs. However, there is one accessory that greatly affects a woman’s appearance, which is shoes.

Shoes are important accessories for women. It can be said that women will have more than 5 pairs of shoes at home. When she likes shoes, they will buy it even though the price is not cheap. However, it is a hobby that can’t be removed from someone. So you can see, for women who like to collect shoes, there will be tens to hundreds of shoe collections at home. With that condition, you must have worthy shoe rack that you use to store all the precious shoes you have. Before it, let’s see some pictures below!

You can see that there are many shoe rack designs that you can choose to store all your shoe collections. It’s like the wardrobe, for those of you who like to collect shoes, you will have a special room that you use to place several racks to store your shoes. If the room is only small, you can choose racks design that extends to the top according to the size of the room there. However, if you have a large room, you can design racks with shapes that attract attention. For example, you can choose a rack with a round shape so that if you want to use certain shoes, you can rotate the rack till you find the shoes you are looking for. Or you can put some big pipes to use as your shoe racks. Arrange the pipe attached to the wall of the room so that it can also become a wall decoration there.

There is only small explanation about shoe rack that you choose when you decide to buy or make this rack. So, with the pictures above, make it as your references to choose or to make shoe rack that you want. Choose your favorite, and try to make it. Hopefully it can help you.

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