43 Kitchen Interior Design with Artistic Roof

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If you have seen interior design located on the walls of every building, then this is the time to look at the interior decoration on the roof of your house. Making the roof of the house appear artistic is a feature, because many people do not pay attention to this part. In fact, the roof also contributes to the grandeur of a building. You can see the following kitchen roof that looks luxurious because deliberately designed carefully and not inferior to the interior design on the walls of a house.

The house will always look artistic with the appearance of objects that are patterned in wood and nature. The natural color of wood always presents an extraordinary feel of elegance. The natural brown color gradation of wood displays natural beauty. A wooden roof will make you wonder and don’t want to take your eyes off. In addition to wood motifs, good lighting will also liven up the natural romantic atmosphere.

Moving from a beautiful brown color. White color also always displays bright shades and romance wrapped in serenity. White color makes the room look spacious, especially the roof. No wonder so many residents of the house even an interior design like this color in designing a roof. You can install white gypsum and then present various variations around it. The white color will be magnified juxtaposed with matching lighting so it looks stunning.

Combining the two colors between brown and white is not a bad idea. White gypsum will look artistic with the presence of wood as a buffer that has artistic value. The presence of several chandeliers is very helpful in displaying beauty mixed with extraordinary grandeur. You should also consider the design of the decorative lights that you install. Despite having good lighting, if you don’t have an artistic design you need to reconsider.

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