47 The Best Kitchen Interior Design with Lights

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As the most commonly used room, a kitchen design becomes the focus of the house owner. If it is comfortable and clran, whoever who uses it will be pleasant to vook and prepare for meal. So, what makes it comfortable? The answer is many aspects, like the design, the arrangement, the cleanliness, the ambiance, and so on. The design itself has many branches like the tiles, the cabinet, the countertop, the lighting, and still some more.

What we are going to specify here is ligjting concept which plays an important role in the kitchen. No matter how wide, what style your kitchen is, lighting can help to create ambiance for your kitchen. If you have no idea about your kitchen lighting concept, you can scroll down the page to get a glance of description and some pictures about it.


The appropriate lighting creates brightness, increases mood and feel, and makes a small kitchen room seems larger than the real it is. Generally, lighting aspect refers to two main functions, as a task lighting and accent lighting. Food preparation zones, the kitchen sink and above the hob, require task lighting, while others, such as the dining area, will need for accent lighting. Consider pendant lamps for your perfect scheme. Install them above the dining table and hang them low over the table to make more intimacy impression. Some kitchen designers also think about LED light. LED lighting becomes popular recently because its low heat emission makes it extremely energy efficient. 

The next consideration is on the task lighting. It should be considered since the most important activities done need it. The sink and chopping board need task lighting as we usually use these zones alot. Make sure you position the lamps as close to the front edge of the cupboard as possible to make them work properly. In addition, to create a natural lighting, you can choose bright color scheme for your wall paint, like white, light grey, or beige. But, you can even add color splash with your favorite color like blue, green, or yellow. Well, since lighting aspect is significant, you need to consider it on planning stage. Lighting is the way to make dramatic ambiance for your kitchen, no matter what. 

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