44 The Best Simple Bathroom Design for a Small Room That You Need to Try

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Like designing other rooms, designing your bathroom seems to be interesting. As a very private room, it must be decorated well. Some elements that should be provided in the bathroom are the bath tub, sink, shower room, mirror, closet, and so on. Have you known that you can choose a styles for your bathroom? Whether it is modern, minimalist, rustic, and many more. 

But, the problem occurs when you just have a small space for making a bathroom. Then, you can make a simple but great bathroom by putting some important element. Just don’t be too much in decorating yiur bathroom as it will gobble up the space quickly. Check out these ideas of small bathroom to make simple yet cozy private bathroom ever.

A small space does not have to look cluttered or cramped when you apply a few clever tricks. The first space saving trick is about applying glass in a smart way. Use a glassy door shower room to create the impression of larger bathroom. Choose white marbles tiles for the wall to add glamour. Moreover, put a mirror with unique shape or frame. If it is possible, give a larger one to help reflective lighting. On the other hands, paint halfway up a wall is the next effective way to create an illusion of height. A darker paint shade creates a distance from the upper portion of the wall.

Storages are important as well. Since the space is minimal, we have to make a maximal storages on the wall. Give racks or shelves to store your stuffs like towel, soaps, conditioner, etc. Keep your small bathroom gets larger and open by not crowding too many things. You can remove the bath tub, and use a glassy door shower. Still use sink if you really want to have it. Applying wallpaper is another idea to deal with small bathroom. This trick makes interesting statement and warm condition. A bathroom designer stated that ‘Use wall panels or matching floor and wall tiles in large scale sizes for a seamless look’. The followings are some real pictures of inspiring small bathroom and just try them to renovate yours! Enjoy!

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