49 Interesting Living Room Décor Ideas

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The place to do socializing, chating, and welcoming your guests, a living room should be decorated in detail. The decoration enables to create the ambiance and coziness, even the impression of a luxurious living room. Some of us think that designing a living room is something challenging yet interesting. We can express what on our mind, mix and match some styles, or even choose our favorite color scheme.

So, what actually makes our living room interesting and comfortable? The all elements brought by the style we adopt is the answer. Below are some elements that create impresive image for your living room. They can be set by applying some ideas as follow.

A calm, soft, and neutral colors like white, grey, beige, pink, and black seem to be timeless. They are friendly applied for any elements to make statements. They also can be paired with any patterns. White itself, has a unique character since it gives spacious impression for a small living room. Besides, white and beige tends to be the right color to dominate your living room since it brings elegance and luxury. Let’s take some example. A contemporary living room with white walls successfully creates larger space impression completed with large glassy window. For those who have the same problem with minimals space, and you cannot have large glassy window, you can have a large mirror to solve the problem. It also can make reflective natural lighting for the room.

Go back to the design, choose a grey sofa with a coffee table. You can even install a table lamps to create dramatic ambiance at night. To get luxurious impression, install a crystal lamps if your budget is more. On the other hands, if you are keen on wooden furniture, you can have wooden sofa with calm color, like beige or light brown. A round wooden coffee table completes the set. Put some cushions with same color tone, like brown. Add a faux fur rug and a big floor pillow. Take a centerpieces in the form of a potted plant or flowers in a vase to give natural touch for your living room. If there are some pieces of your collections want to be displayed, have shelves or racks to make it true. Artworks and family photos are the elements to decorate your plain wall instead of wallpaper. Just find the ideas of amazing living room here and be ready to upgrade yours!

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