43 Space-saving Design Ideas for Living Room for Your Small Apartment

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Are you looking for smart tricks to deal with small living room? Check this galery to get more inspiration. Since it is not easy to get around with arrangement of small living room space, sometimes you may get confused what solutions to take. It is the way how to maximize the minimal available space to make a cozy living room.

As a place to welcome your guest and a favorite room to gather with family, a living room must be decorated well though the space is limited. The easiest ways to make a small living room seems more spacious is to inject soft pastel shades into your design scheme to keep the living room comfortable and inviting.

The focal point of the living room is the sofa. But, the sofa can gobble up the space quickly. Getting realized this fact, you need to consider to replace it with snuggles for less invasive reason. Then, the next trick you can do is playing with soft color scheme. Soft pink, light blue, white, and beige are the most favorite colors that create spacious impression for your small living room. Combine them with little touch of green, grey or taupe tone to reach fresher and cozier nuance. The common trick to apply for your living room is give a large mirror on one side of the wall. The glassy window facing the backyard is also helpful to get interesting view while getting together with all family members in the living room.

Talking about furnitures, hard-working, multi-functional pieces of furniture are your friends. You can opt a coffee table and sofa with storage under it. For more storages, hang some rattan baskets on the wall. They will help you to organized your stuff and save the space because they do not put on the floor. If you want to put any furnitures or pieces, choose the ones with reflective surfaces to maximize the amount of natural lighting to reach bigger and brighter space. It is possible to have a rug and floor pillow anyway. At last, will you try one of these smart ideas for your small living room then? Just make your small living room becomes a big investment to your house.

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