42 Space-saving Ideas of Living Room for your Small Apartment

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Today, many people prefer to live in city center apartments rather than building large houses but far from urban areas. The busy and instant life of urban people makes they choose to live in an apartment because it’s considered more practical. The apartment room is usually small so you don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning the room. Then, there are also many facilities available in the apartment, such as a fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, playground, mini markets, restaurants, cafes, and other facilities that will make you don’t need to go too far to find your needs. So, it’s the reason why someone prefers to live in an apartment even though the size of the apartment is not as large as the size of the house in general.

Having a small apartment isn’t an obstacle for us to be more creative. With some tricks, a small apartment room can be decorated to look more spacious and make someone who lives there still comfortable. As an example in decorating the living room in the apartment. There are several tricks you can use, its choice of concepts, furniture, color, and lighting. In the selection of concepts, you must choose a concept that doesn’t need a lot of decoration. You can choose the minimalist concept that is simple but still elegant. Next is about furniture selection. Choose furniture that is multifunctional to place in your apartment. Then for color selection, you can choose neutral and bright colors. This color can give a broad impression in a room. And the last is lighting, the key is if in the room there are many bright lights it can make a room look wider. So, for you who want to decorate your living room apartment, below we present some pictures of living room designs for small apartments that can be your inspiration.



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