44 Recommended Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Room

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In the house, there will be many rooms there. However, living room is the first place you find when you enter the house. This room isn’t too big like a family room but has an important function. Living room is a place where you invite guests who come to your house to sit there. So, this is also the first assessment for guests of your house. Actually, if you can arrange the living room neatly, it will look very good. But sometimes someone false in arranging this room. So it makes the living room looks weird and cramped. With that, you have to decorate the living room properly to create an attractive look and also be very comfortable there.

In decorating a living room, you must have a concept, especially if you only have a small living room. You have to think carefully about what concept you will use. In general, the concept is related to the color selection and also the interior that will be placed in the living room. As one example, for those of you who choose the minimalist concept, you can choose gray as the basic color of the living room paint. Then, you can choose a lightweight or effortless interior with a neutral color like black, white or gray. Choose a sofa that isn’t too big because you only have a small living room at home. And, as a sweetener from the room, you can choose a tall shelf to place there so it will be a nice and adorable decoration. Choosing a floating rack is also recommended for those of you who want a different look. Don’t forget to stick some wall decorations that can make the atmosphere more pleasing. So, for those of you who want to decorate a small living room, choose the best interior like the picture that we provide below!



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