44 Modern Living Room Ideas

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Do you think that your living room is comfortable already as the place to gather with your family? If you are still looking for any ideas to make your living room more comfortable yet stunning, here you will find some that you need. The description about furniture, lighting, and ornaments will be discussed below.

A modern living room concept then, offers you warm and inviting living room. It also brings its coziness and sleek to make anyone who visits want to stay longer. As a right place to get relaxed and entertainment, the arrangement and selection of the furnitures become the focal point of your living room. They also depend on how wide your living room space is. 


Starting with the significant part of the living room. For modern yet minimalist living room idea, some house owners love white sofa as the best seating. The white or light grey cushions make the sofa gets rich of minimalist touch. If you want to have braver and fresher nuance, choose bright colored sofa, like red, blue, beige, green, etc. Light colored sofa helps you to create ambiance, while white sofa helps you to add natural brightness for your living room. A coffee table completes your spare time to put your drinks. If you have large enough one, you are possible to put a centerpiece like candle or flower. Then, apply a rug as the way to make a neat impression. For a larger living room, putting floor pillow is a good idea.

Some people may ask, can a modern living room concept combine with other styles? Well, the answer is yes. So, don’t be worried since you are free to express your own idea to build the mood of your room. Like combining a modern style with traditional touch for some furnishing elements, such as a wooden coffee table and chair, wooden cabinets, and traditional fireplace. Furthermore, pop bright colors for your sofa and rug add excitement for a fancy and fun living room. One thing cannot be left is about the lighting. Install dramatic lighting such as table lamps, sconces, chandeliers, or LED lighting. LED lighting surely stands out and draws the eye to it. For the wall, you can pop it up with artworks of a certain unique arrangement of your framed family photos. We hope that this description helps you much on making a modern living room. Have a great modern living room then!

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