48 Easy and Stylish Design of DIY Floating Shelves on the Wall

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For you who have a house. There is one way that you can do to improve the appearance of the house. That is to decorate the room to be more beautiful. The decoration doesn’t mean you have to decorate all the rooms into a new look, but it’s by giving a beautiful decoration on the wall’s house. And, one of the wall decorations that can create a new look for a house is the floating shelves. Usually, the design of this shelf is attached to the floor. However, it is a common thing and looks monotonous. Then, because this is a shelf, you can store various items there such as books, photos, potted plants, various eating and drinking utensils, toiletries, and others. So, from now. You have to make floating shelves in your house so that the appearance of a room becomes more attractive, but there is still have usability value there.

Many designs of floating shelves that you can make. But, you have to make it based on the use because this shelf isn’t just for room decoration but also used to store goods. Then, for room decoration, you can design floating shelves that are placed in the living room to place various decorations in the form of photos, paintings or flower pots. With the shelves there, surely the appearance of a room will be more amazing and not monotonous. Then, for storage. You can make floating shelves to be placed in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom to store some equipment there. Make floating shelves as a storage area as well as decorating the room to enhance the appearance. So, for those of you who want to make your own floating shelves, we present pictures that can be your inspiration in making this shelf. Choose one of the designs below then start to make it. Good luck!



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