49 Cool Design Ideas to Make Balcony on your Apartment The Best Place for Relax

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Having a balcony is a plus point for those who live in a city apartment. It is the dream of anyone who want to relax their spare time. Even just a small balcony, you can have it as the place to relax and enjoy the city view, sunset, and sunrise. This small spot can be designed well to make a stunning place.

Some people think that a balcony is the important place. They are willing to spend more time in decorating it. They make it as comfortable as possible, so that they can have a cup of tea there and relax their mind. Knowing this reason, we provide you some ideas to make your dreamy balcony comes true. Scroll down this page and get the best and most inspiring balcony design.

The first idea is giving a built-in seating. You can have a small table with bench or chairs for two to have a morning coffee in your balcony. Choose the table which easily fold up so you can store it inside, if it is nessesary. To give natural touch, put greenery there. Put some potted plants, like flowers or herbs that produce smell so that they smell as great as they look. Then, add some elements like floor pillows or cushions to get the nuance more comfortable. Opt the ones with patterns or colorful motifs so that they add a certain impression for your balcony.

Furthermore, it is possible to put a rug with pattern to stand up the elements. This rug gives enjoyable impression for you to lay down with your floor pillows. As lighting is the elements that make your balcony more dramatic, you may install lanterns or pendant. String lamps gives romantic impression if you want to have a dinner with your partner. The additional element like hammock is fabulous to have if you still have enough space to hang it. Well, it seems to be great to have a comfortable balcony then. Just try the ideas of a cool balcony ever.

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