55 The Best Laundry Room Ideas That You Must Try In Your Dream Home

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Laundry room is an important part of the house. Laundry room is used as a place to wash clothes and iron clothes. Although, many people prefer to go to the laundry service because it’s more practical, designing a laundry room must also be done maximally. Laundry room is usually outside the house because of limited space in the house. However, there is also a laundry room inside the house because it is considered more comfortable when someone washes clothes. It’s the reason why you must design your laundry room correctly. In designing a laundry room, you must design the entire room by considering the use and aesthetic values of the room.

Many designs of laundry room that you can create to be applied in your home. However, comfort is the most important to think about. Comfort isn’t just about the washing machine you use. But about the whole room. So, in designing laundry room. It is related to several things such as storage area, iron table, washing machine size, and clothesline. Actually you can design a laundry room like a kitchen that has a kitchen set there. So, you can design storage posted on the wall because it can make the room more efficient. You also can make a table that fits your body size so that you can stay comfortable while ironing clothes there. Then for a clothesline, actually in the washing machine is available technology that can dry clothes. However, drying clothes manually can still do by someone because drying clothes outside the house will be exposed to the sun and germs that stick will die. So, you don’t need to design it too big, just adjust to your needs. With the importance of the laundry room, below we present some pictures of the laundry room that can be your inspiration in building this room in your dream home.



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