47 Amazing Bedroom Design Ideas with Inspiring Storage Rack

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A bedroom is our private room that must be organized well since it is the place where we lay down, spend more time to take a rest, and refresh the mood to increase our productivity. If you only have limited space, you might be confused on where to put your stuffs and the bedroom may be the right place to store them. But, the limited space forces you to think many times to make your stuffs well-managed. So, you have to go with smart tricks to get around with it.

Storages in bedroom are usually used to organize collections of certain stuffs, like shoes, bags, clothes, jewelries, or books. It is not about a common arrangement of the stuffs, but it focuses on how the storages save your stuffs easily maintained and artistically neat. Check these pictures to get more inspiring storage racks below.

To save the space, some house owners choose a multi functions bed with storage under the bed. With some drawers under and besides the bed, you can store your blankets, bed sheets, or your shoes. Besides, you can also isntall shelves along the perimeter in the bedroom. They add dozens of square feet of storage space for you to store books and pieces. This idea is believed to be effective to save the space since you do not lessen your floor space to put storage rack. If you have unused corner in the bedroom, don’t leave it without any storage idea. Hang your clothes on the rack in that corner. Choose the rack with plenty hooks to provide maximalstorage for hanging your clothes.

Furthermore, use crown molding to store your shoes. It works well for high heels and you can hang it behind the bedroom door. Crown molding is unobtrusive since it blends well in with the wall. The headboard is the right place to make a storage. You can put your books on the headboard so you can easily reach them if you want to read book first before going to sleep. Another storage ideas for your bedroom is by building staircase or bookcase. For those who like to collect some novels, books, or megazines so that it can be a display for your plenty books. Arrange them artistically, like put in an interesting order from the thinnest to the thickest. A cork wall is suitable then for storing your jewelries. Choose ideas that inspire you on having storage rack on your bedroo. Be ready to upgrade your bedroom storage!

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