49 Closet DIY Design Ideas That you Can Try in Your Home

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Anything can be a decorating idea nowadays. Having a variety of clothing and shoes complete with accessories is a stroke of luck. But, whatever that means if you have a variety of fashion but not stored properly. Keeping it well means that you make your goods durable. Then how about a good storage space for your wardrobe?

Choosing a wardrobe is not as easy as you choose fashion. Because your fashion will have a different size. But you don’t need to worry, because in fact making a storage of your own by using a rack and wardrobe where the clothes hanger can make your clothes but neat and easy to find when it will be used. Selecting and sorting items into several sections according to their size will make it easier for you to make the right storage range. For example, sorting out the same size in one storage room will make it easier for you to find and store it.

By making your own storage cabinet you can measure the area of the cabinet according to your clothing size. Utilizing a cabinet you can make as a storage room for shoes or bags. You can also specify how many cabinets you will need. Making beautiful shelves and with different arrangement sizes is not only useful for storing necessities but also adds to the aesthetic value as an interior design. You will be comfortable in it with neatness and beauty.

Making an open or closed rack will have the same aesthetic value if you arrange and put all your clothes neatly. Creating a storage room with good lighting will help you display beautiful colors in the room. For an outfit, it will definitely have various colors. So you need to make a neutral cabinet rack like white, gray or natural color of wood.

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