50 How to Create The Best Closet that can Inspire

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Having lots of fashion items is normal for women and men. But, women’s fashion items may be more than men. So, with such conditions. You must have a storage area for you to store all items. The best storage that you can use is a closet. Closet is a place to store clothes, pants, skirts, shoes, bags, and other collections. Usually, if someone has a large room at home, she will have one room that used to put several closets there. With that, the fashion items that she has will be neater and arranged properly. Actually there are so many designs of closet that you can choose. So, when you go to a furniture store, they will provide various designs of closet and surely you will be confused about choosing it.

Actually, the first thing that you must do in choosing a closet for storage is to determine the room. As explained above, if you have room to put the closet, it is a beneficial thing. But, if there is no empty space at home, you can use the part of bedroom to become a closet storage space. And one tip that you can do is to choose the size of the closet that matches the empty space there. So, you can save on using space there. Then, there are 2 designs of closet that you can choose, it’s an open and closed closet design. However, we recommend you to choose a closet with a combination of various shapes. It means that you can place the clothes folded up and then stacked and can also hang it on the closet. Then for shoes and bags collection, an open design is a good design because it can make closet appearance more luxurious with various collections of that you have. However, you must keep clean the closet so that all your collection can be clean and neat. So, for your reference, below we present some pictures that show a good closet that can inspire you. Let’s see and choose your favorite!



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