43 Awesome Floating Book Rack Design Ideas

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Reading is a hobby that brings many benefits to someone. The most visible benefit of reading is to get information from something you read. Therefore, someone who has a hobby of reading will have many books. With this many books that you have, surely you will be confused about storing these. It feels like a sorrow when you just keep the books in the warehouse. So, here we have a very brilliant idea to store the books that you have. The idea is to make an awesome floating book rack. Not only as a storage area, but this rack can actually be a decorative element in a room that can make the room more attractive. So, making a floating book rack is something you must try.

In making the floating book rack, you have to prepare the design first. Because it is a floating shape, it means that the rack isn’t attached to the floor but it’s attached to the wall of the house. Then, another important thing is adjusting the design of the floating book rack to the concept of the room there. If the room has a modern concept, using white as the color of this rack is the right idea. However, if the room has a rustic concept, you must use non-finished wood as the material for making this rack. Then, if you already have a design that you will make, let’s prepare all the materials and tools needed to make it. However, if you want something instant, you can buy the material at a furniture store. Surely they have many designs from this rack and the price offered will also vary, depending on the material, design, and size of the rack. Because in addition to storage, the design of this rack has to choose correctly so that it can be an awesome wall decor. So, for you who will make this rack, below we present some pictures from the floating book rack that can be your inspiration.



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