46 Living Room Unique Designs Ideas

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A good living room is the one which is inviting for those who come. It does not to be expensive and glamour, but it must be cozy as a place to gather with family and welcome the guests. Some house owners decide their living room as a public showcase for some interesting elements or collection pieces. Thus, for every guest who comes, a living room must leave its impression.

Extraordinary furnishings, fabrics, textures, art, accessories, and colors can be combined to create a unique living room design. To get a unique living room, surely you have to look outside the box. Playing with extraordinary elements that complete your living room ornaments, mix and match some bright colors and pattern in detail, choose an adorable theme are some ways to embody a unique living room.

It is usual that the house owner choose their favorite hue as the dominant color for the living room. Let’s take an example. The theme of blue sky-high may be the best option for those who love blue. Starting with a blue sofa with blue polka dots cushions, a white rug simply balances the dominant blue of the sofa as the focal point. You can apply blue patterned wallpaper to decorate your plain wall. Of you are a fan of florals theme, it can be your top favorite living room style then. You can start with flowery wallpaper or cushions to pair with plain elements like sofa or rug. Soft pastel hues make it fresh at any season, not only in spring or summer. On the other hands, to get the impression of larger yet elegant, all white style is the best choice. It seems effortless but white brings it crisp and clean.

In addition, rustic living room offers you a heaven in the world with beige sofa as the point with wooden coffee table as the complement. Fill it with traditional fabrics like tartans and chunky knit. Bohemian living room style is the next exciting concept to discuss. Its uniqueness gives a certain color for living room design. With chic, fun, and electic look, bohemian style enables get you mesmerized on soft textures, on-trend macramé details and a soothing color palette. There are still some ideas of making a unique living room as you dream about. Check out the pictures to find more inspiring ideas.

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