53 The Best Laundry Room Design Ideas

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With so many clothes that you wear, washing your clothes is an activity that you will always do. You will definitely do it once a week or twice. It can be said that washing clothes have become a household need. So, with this situation. Having a special room to wash clothes is a must thing. For modern homes, there will be a special place designed for washing clothes or laundry rooms. This room is not only used for washing clothes but also used for drying clothes. It doesn’t matter what the size of the laundry room is in your house, but you have to decorate it so that the room that was originally small can be used maximally with a comfortable and right design.

The most important thing to make the laundry room is to design it. For small or large rooms, you must maximize it by selecting all laundry equipment in the right size to be placed there. Don’t forget to put cabinets to store all the laundry equipment there. Choose cabinets that can be placed on the wall so that it can give a loose look there. Don’t forget to also make a dryer player to dry some of your clothes. Also, make a board to hang some clothes after you iron, so your clothes will not be wrinkled anymore. Then, for the room color, you can choose white as paint in the laundry room so that space looks more spacious. And to sweeten the laundry room appearance, you can put some wall decorations related to laundry there. So, in that way, the laundry room appearance will be more fun and not make a boring impression. In order to give you inspiration, we present some pictures below about the best laundry room design that you can apply in your home. Choose your favorite and start making it at home!



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