56 Exterior Design Ideas of Rural Houses for Spring

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When you have the plan to build a house, there is one important thing you must prepare. That is the concept. With so many concepts, surely you will be confused to choose it. So, here we recommend a rural theme that is suitable for this spring. Weather in spring usually feels rather hot because it is approaching summer. With this condition, building a house with a rural theme is the right choice. It can be said that rural houses will be the right combination when mixed with spring. Then, in designing a house to be a rural house, there are 2 things you need to design. The first is exterior and the second is interior. The exterior is the first impression when people see your house. So, designing the exterior of a rural house must be thought correctly.

Exterior of rural house identical with a natural impression that is presented from wood and stone. The combination of these materials can provide warmth like the warmth of the spring. This exterior will not be out of date. Especially for someone who likes a beautiful and warm atmosphere in the village. So using this concept for home exteriors is a smart idea that you choose. Rural house exterior is very simple, but from simplicity, it can provide comfort there. You must complete this exterior with a garden full of greenery. Make a garden that is combined with various stone there. Don’t forget to also give warm lights so that the atmosphere of the village appears more. So, from the combination of a simple house made of wood and stone, then equipped with a garden and warm lights, it will make the rural house increasingly felt with this exterior idea. So, for those of you who have a plan to make a house with an exterior rural house. We present some pictures below that can inspire you. Good luck!



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