50 Drying Room Design Ideas That You Can Try In Your Home

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Whatever the area of your room for a laundry room you must have it. You cannot mix this room with another room, it is better for the drying room close to the laundry room so that it will save space while saving energy. There are lots of ideas offered for a drying room from a small to a large room. This is due to your flexibility in washing or drying activities.

Narrow dryer space you can complete with multi-store clothes hangers so it doesn’t take up space. In addition, you can also put clothesline hanging on the roof with several shelves or hangers. Or you can attach a wall hanger that can be folded so that it will look neat and you can also determine the width of the folding hanger. You can also see other ideas about how to design a drying chamber that is suitable for your desires.

Paying attention to the layout of the room is also very important. If you have a narrow drying space then you can use a variety of hanging racks or cabinets that will help you in maintaining the tidiness and comfort of your drying room from dried clothes. By putting your dirty clothes, including the type of person who is selective. Place dirty clothes seems obligatory in the laundry room as well as your drying room.

Drying room does not mean full of clothes hangers and shelves. You can still display a neat and clean room. You can also put ornamental plants there and even design and choose bright colors. For a good drying room, you must equip the room with a gap for air circulation so that it does not cause odors and clothes will dry to the maximum. For the roof, most of the drying room always shows the direction of sunlight so the room looks naturally bright.

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