54 Simple Inspiring Laundry Room Design Ideas

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Your laundry room is the room where you do laundrying and drying. Some people may dislike to do those activities since they are totaly tiring and boring. The laundry room which is not well organized also be the one that makes the users uncomfortable. Thus, just decorate your laundry room as cozy and pleasant as your living room.

But, we still find problems occur because of the small space we have for a laundry room. So, we have to get some smart tricks to make simple yet adorable laundry room that can make us happy to do laundrying. The followings are some tricks and ideas you may adopt to get a dreamy laundry room. 

You know that if your have a enjoyable laundry room, you might not leave and happily to stay there. From now on, you do not have to be worried about your laundry supplies, providing baskets are the best idea you can apply. To save your space, put the baskets on the wall or under the tables. The idea of having shelves is very helpful as well. The shelves can be your storages to put your stuffs so that they look neat and well organized. A hanging wire storage work well for storing your detergen, dryer sheets, and other stuffs. Choose the one which completed with hooks to be more useful. From now on, you do not need to worry about drying process. You can even make a drying rack by yourself. Just hang a ladder from the ceiling with chain. And, you will get the best hacks of drying racks.

If you have a unused corner, go with the shelves. The shelves are believed to be tge best storages and out some greenery to make a natural touch anyway. Moreover, add curtains to separate your room is possible to make your laundry room mpre stunning. If you have had plain wall, a floral or plaid curtain is allowed to color the space. The curtain is usually applied to separate washing room and drying room. Some people also add a drawer under the washing mechine. There are some newest brands that provide drawers for its product. It is very helpful, isn’t it? For a small laundr room, every little available space is worth it. So, be excellent to organize stuffs and tools, these some tricks can be your options.

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