46 Simple Drying Racks Design Ideas That Inspiring

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In a house, surely there will be a lot of furniture there starting from the entrance, living room, kitchen, bedroom, washing area, and then the bathroom. However, there is one important furniture that must be present in a house, it is a drying rack. This rack is used to put a wet item, so the item can dry there. Drying rack can be used for various things such as clothes, tableware and cooking utensils, towels, and others. Placement of these racks can be in the kitchen to put dishes, cups, and others after washing, and can also be placed near the clothing washing machine or outside the house so that it is exposed to the sun. With the importance of drying rack for daily life, choosing the best drying rack is a must.

In choosing the best drying rack, there are several things that must be considered. But the most important thing is choosing the material, shape, and size of the rack. However, for material, there are 3 types of materials commonly used. That is wood, aluminum and stainless. Then for the form, it will also vary. If you go to a furniture store, there will be many racks to choose from. And then for the size. It depends on the location where you will place the rack. But it will be better if you choose these three things according to your needs. Don’t let you buy a rack with a large size but doesn’t function maximally. That will also make the room wasted in the presence of a drying rack that is too large. So, choosing the right drying rack must be considered properly. If you plan to buy or make your own drying rack at your house, look at the pictures below that can inspire you. Select some pictures below and start making them. Hopefully these images can help you!



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