48 Inspiring Windows Design Ideas

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In building a house. The first thing you must do is create a design. Design is something that you must think properly and correctly. The design that prepared properly can make you satisfied with the final results created. Then with so many rooms at home, there is one thing that is commonly found throughout the room of the house. That is a window. Windows are an important part of a room. It can be said if the home window is one part that can’t be separated from your entire home. This is because the window has a very important function for the house, such as can be a good air circulation, a path from the incoming light source and can be a decoration to enhance the appearance of a house. With the great benefits. So the presence of window must be maximized with a nice and beautiful design.

Many designs of windows that you can choose. This design is related to shape, size, material, and color. For the shape, you can adjust the shape of the window to the shape of your house. Many window shapes that you can choose such as rectangular, rectangular upward or sideways, and round or oval. From some of these shapes, you can choose which window shape suits your needs. Furthermore, for size, you can also adjust with the empty space in the room. If the view outside is wonderful, you can choose a window with a large size to be applied in the room. Then for materials, you can adjust to the concept or theme of your home and also your needs. And the last is color. The color of the window must also be adjusted to the theme of the house to be built because different themes will have different colors. So, for your reference, we present some pictures that show the inspiring windows design ideas that you must try now. Let’s see!

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