52 Best Home Stairs Design Ideas

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Having a new home is everyone’s dream. It doesn’t matter what the size of your house is, if it’s your own house, you will definitely do your best for this house. For you who are planning to make a house, there are many things you need to prepare such as the design, interior concepts, color selection, and budget. When you already have a design that you will apply to your new homes, such as the exterior and interior design of the house. There is one thing that must also be considered. It is stairs. Stairs are the path to walk upstairs. Before starting to design stairs, it’s a good idea to pay attention to several factors in choosing it so that you will get the right and perfect results. These factors include design, position, safety, and quality.

There are many stairs designs that you can choose. The design also relates to the shape, material and also the color chosen. For shapes, actually there are many shapes but which is commonly used is the shape of a straight ladder, curved stairs (spiral), and the circular stairs (helical). Furthermore, for materials and colors, you can adjust to the concept or theme of your home. You can choose materials in the form of wood or iron and also complete with a strong handle on the stairs so that when you walk to the upstairs, you can hold on to the handle there. Make sure that the stairs that you choose have a high level of security. So that undesirable things don’t happen there. And this is important that safety can be created from the design, position, and quality of the stairs. So, in order to become your reference, you can choose good stairs such as contemporary stairs, modern stairs with industrial elements, floating stairs, transparent stairs, classic model stairs, and retro-style helical stairs. And we have also provided it in the pictures below. Let’s see it!

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