49 Inspiring Family Room Design Ideas On 2019

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With time development, house is divided into many rooms. Starting from the yard, living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and many others. However, there is one of the most comfortable places, it is a family room. This room is to relax and mingle with other people and you can spend a lot of time there to watch movies or to carry on a conversation with friends or family. This room is usually located in the middle of the house. So, wherever you will go, you will pass this family room. Therefore, family room must be designed comfortably because the function is so important. No matter how big your family room, the most important thing is you can design and decorate it to be more comfortable and still stunning.

There are many designs of family room. Because it is used for relaxing, the family room must have a comfortable design. Color is an important element in a room, so you can choose white, beige, or gray that is very cool as the color of family room. One item that can provide comfort is the presence of sofa. You can choose comfortable and soft sofa to seat in your family room. Don’t forget to choose or make throw pillow as a complement of the sofa there. Also present a soft carpet to be placed in the family room. Aside from being a protector from the cold, you can also use the carpet here to sit if you are tired of sitting on a sofa. Wall decoration is also very necessary to give a beautiful impression to this room. Wall decoration is not only in the form of wallpaper or photos, but can also be a mirror or decoration from green plants. The last is to place a beautiful decoration lamp in the middle of the family room so that an elegant impression appears from this item. Check out these family room design in 2019 below to inspire you.


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