48 Inspiring Tiny Home Interior Design Ideas

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A good interior design will make a cozy home. This opinion is absolutely true since we cannot deny the need of a comfortable dwelling. For a small house, the challenge begins with a small space you have. The concept, the right and functional furniture, the decoration are some of the things that should be considered. A tiny home is not a barrier for you to get a luxurious and stunning house. By applying some smart trick, we guarantee your tiny home will be the coziest place ever. The decoration and the placement of furnitures are the big deals. Decorate your house with a simple and not too much decoration. On the other hands, it does not mean you cannot have all furnitures you want. But, in this case, you can only have some which are more functional.

For a tiny home, get the most functional item first. For example, in your bedroom, just put a bed as a focal point, a cupboard, and a shelf. You can replace your dressing table with a hanging mirror to save the space. Then, go creative with storage. The free area under your stairs can be used for storage for your shoes, books, or you are even possible to have a small library there. Choose a bed with drawers to help you create additional storage. This idea is a truck to have multifunctional items to your house. Then, put a mirror in your living room to create bigger space. It is a common secret besides having dominant white wall paint. Everyone says it as an effective trick to get around with small space. For your living room, don’t forget the accessories. Put some throw pillows and blankets, a rug, flowers and vases, and a coffee table. Try to get a small coffee table to maximize your available living room. Check these pictures below and we hope you will get inspired to get around with your tiny home decoration.


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