51 Tiny Home Interior Decoration That Suitable Summer This Year

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The season usually directly the way we decorate or upgrade our interior design. Like in summer, we surely want to have a lot of natural view, catch more sunshine, and arrange some greenery. These needs can be our consideration on making a good interior design so that anyone feels comfortable at home. But, what about a tiny home? Can we have lots of arrangement? Can’t we have a beautiful summer interior design? Having a tiny home with minimal space does not mean you cannot have a maximal interior design. As long as we have some clever tricks to deal with it, our home will be totally stunning and inspiring.

This summer, as we want to have a good natural view and sunshine, we can put a large glass window in the living room or family room. This idea has two roles, as the way to look at beautiful morning sunshine and to make a larger impression of our tiny living room. Complete our living room by providing seats or sofa with cushions. White or beige sofa as a neutral color may be our choice. The other idea of interior design in summer is that applying white wall paint. It is no longer a secret that white can create the impression of larger space. We can apply all dominant white to the rooms. To beautify this plain white wall, wallpaper and artworks are the solutions. Then, put our TV set on the wall or above the fireplace so we will regain the necessary floor space. For our dining room, we can shrink our dining table by using smaller round table. We can freely to have glass or wooden table to set it up. Put two to four chairs is a good idea. Moreover, storage can be our next problem to deal with, for our bedroom, use a bed with multifunction. A bed with drawers can save our tiny bedroom. On the other hands, we can have some floating shelves and kitchen island with drawers to make an effective kitchen tiny space. Go check these pictures to get more inspiration to get around your tiny home in summer.


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