57 Luxury and Unique Bedroom Design Ideas That You Copy Right Now

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Are you thinking of making a luxe look for your bedroom? Think deeply and critically since putting sophisticated furniture does not mean all the solution. As your bedroom is a special spot to relax with your partner, or even your children, it must be well-organized,cozy, and as neat as possible. There are many aspect to think about, like the floor, the wall, the lighting, the bed itself as the focal point, some ornaments, and so on. Thus, you must be smart in deciding which tricks must be used to get a unique yet luxurious bedroom ever. In addition, the decoration is a big deal yo consider since surely you look for a comfortable bedroom which makes you feel pleasant to spend your rest time longer. So, it should not be boring. The followings are some trick to make your bedroom looks like a million dollar bedroom.

First, dress your wall elegantly. For a minimalist look, you can have white wall. It creates the impression of luxurious. Also, you can apply wallpaper to get more decorated wall. The second one is considering bed as the focal point. As a part of the bed, headboard must be your point as well. It should not be expensive, but if you play with bold color, unique shape, elegant fabric, and right height, it will give your bedroom impressive bed you will love. Then, for a luxury factor, you need to install some lamps. It is important to give dramatic yet modern look. Whether it is pendant lamp, table lamps, or ceiling lamps, they will be fabulous. The next is put a mirror to give more elegant touch. Choose a unique oneĀ such as a gilded finish or unusual shape. For a small bedroom, a mirror helps creating larger impression. The last, get your pillow in a modern fabric like silk, faux fur, or velvet. Try to get blink color like gold or silver to give the glamour effect. Don’t forget your soft throw blanket to complete your pleasant sleep. Look at some pictures below for inspiring bedroom design. Enjoy!


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