45 Inspiring Floor Design For Bathroom

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In choosing bathroom tiles, you should not only pay attention to the style, shape, and size. More than that, you need comfort and safety. For a bathroom you need a floor that can keep the bathroom moisture and most importantly easy to clean. The wooden bathroom ceramics are currently in high demand. Wood motif makes a warm feel in your bathroom. In addition to not easily get dirty, wood motifs are also not slippery, thus helping you maintain family security. With Moroccan ceramic motifs this one can make your entire bathroom look exotic and elegant. Even though it’s just a bathroom, you still have to get comfort and safety. Ceramic Moroccan motif is one of the choices.

Striped bathroom ceramics can also protect you from slipping. Even though it looks simple, this striped bathroom ceramic can drain water quickly so the Indian room will dry quickly. To add to the beauty of your bathroom, you can add curtains or ornamental plants to the corner of your bathroom. Next is the floral motif. Flower accents on ceramics usually have a side effect that can protect you from the dangers of slipping. In addition, patterned ceramics usually make the bathroom elegant and beautiful impression. With a minimalist size that does not mean you cannot look elegant, to add a beautiful appearance, you can add a towel or curtain hangers. However, the gray color is very chic and luxurious. Shades of gray bathroom show the perfect luxury. The glamorous appearance of a gray glow leaves you in luxury. For gray motif ceramics you can choose natural stone or granite motifs. You can put wall tiles and matching floor to show a luxury. It is undeniable, that the bathroom nuances of white will make you feel in a room full of purity. Ceramic and white walls make you always want to keep the bathroom look always clean and shining.




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