53 Inspiring Rustic Door Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

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Bathroom is one of the important parts of the home. When you wake up, the first room that you are going to visit is the bathroom. Having a clean and healthy bathroom is certainly everyone’s dream. With a bathroom like that, you will feel more comfortable there. Besides you have to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom every day, you also have to decorate it even better. The easy way to decorate is to decorate all parts in the bathroom, starting from the bath up, storage, sink, lighting and also the door there. One important part that is sometimes not noticed is the bathroom door. Though, bathroom door can be a sweet decoration for a room. In choosing the right door for your bathroom, you can choose rustic doors that will give a simple yet elegant impression to a room.

Rustic themes can you apply to various things. And this theme doesn’t consume too much budget. Rustic uses wood as the main material. Surely you will be confused about the difference between rustic and farmhouse. But the difference is the wood used in the rustic theme is wood that looks old, so it seems worn. Old wood here doesn’t mean using wood that has been infested with termites, but it means that the wood is not finished. The color of the wood doesn’t always have to be brown, because there is wood with black or white color. In fact, this rustic theme can apply to your bathroom door. With the rustic door there, the warm impression will appear automatically. Not only that, but the impression displayed in the Rustic theme is also natural and not excessive. Many designs of rustic doors that you can make as inspiration from your bathroom. Like some pictures below. Look and choose the one that you like.

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