42 Plants design ideas for the room in your home that you can try

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Interior design does not always deal with furniture. We can use some plants to decorate our room to make it more interesting. A big thing that make it becomes an interesting idea is that it give natural touch for our room so that it lives up the atmosphere of our room. We are possible just to put plants in pots or we can explore our creativity and aesthetic value to decorate our room with greenery. Moreover, we can also have some flower vases to arrange our favorite flowers to get colorful and stunning table decoration. All greenery will make your rooms brighter, lively, and fresh. If you put some plants in your living room, it will make your living room more inviting and cozier. Then, if you put them in your bedroom, the nuance of pleasant and comfortable will look clearly. That’s why put some plants in your room must be your consideration.

To give you some references on how to put some plants so that they look more interesting and eye-catching. This article will give you the ideas. First, use a cart or bench to put your potted plants. If there is much cart or bench surface you have, you can decorate it with lots of potted plants. Put the cart or bench in the living room or dining room to add fresh impression. The second idea is using eclectic white pots. For a house with minimalist or modern concept, this idea sounds good since you can arrange the pots as you desire, from the smallest to the biggest or vice versa. An amazing idea becomes the third idea, it is a macrame plant hanger. It is such a unique idea which can complete your bohemian living room decoration. Next is about a long hanging plants. Its length makes it becomes a pop to be put in a floating shelf. It is fabulous to put it some in your home office as aesthetic decoration. In addition, if you have free space in your home, you can make a plant corner so that it can accommodate your favorite collection of plants. You may choose plants with low maintenance like cactus. Make DIY pots from mugs, or you can draw your plain black pot with polka dots or stripes pattern. Check these pictures below and we are sure you will get inspired.

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