30 Clever Storage Ideas to Enlarge your Space

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Having a neat and clean home is everyone’s dream. The house is a building with many rooms there. With so many rooms at home, you will have lots of stuff or items there too. With lots of items there, you must have storage to store these items, so they can look neat and beautiful. However, you must create storage that can enlarge your space in the room. That way, the narrow space will look big with this brilliant storage idea.

There are many ways that you can use to create storage that can enlarge your Space in the room. Most importantly, you have to make functional storage there, so that 2 or 3 functions can be created from one storage. With the storage, there will be no messy things in your house. However, you need to know what storage designs can be applied in your house or suitable placed in your room. So, look at some pictures below about storage ideas in your home.

wooden box storage on the walls
wooden storage box on the walls
DIY creative hanger
DIY creative hanger
white wooden tiered rack for cutlery
white wooden tiered rack for cutlery
Wooden Tiered Vertical To Store Some Ornaments
Organized Storage For Home Office
Large Hanging Rack And Rattan Basket
Wooden Cabinet To Store Kitchen Equipment On The Wall
Wooden Floating Nightstand
Wooden Hanging Rack And Nightstand To Store Book And Houseplant
White Wooden Rack At The Corner
Wooden Box Under Coffee Table
Wooden Box And Hanging Rack On The Walls
Stainless Tiered Storage
White Tv Cabinet
Unique Iron Storage
Iron Tiered Storage For Your Shoes
Rattan Basket Storage
Large Wooden Cabinet To Store Ornament
DIY Clever Storage Table
Iron Rack To Store Towels
Hanging Rack And Rattan Basket under ironing board
Clever Storage Under The Stairs
DIY Wooden Pallet Box
Creative Hanging Rack For Your Living Room
Clever Hidden Storage To Store Knifes
Clever Storage To Store Beer Bottles
Clever Storage For Home Office
Tiny Storage For Bathroom
Black Hanging Rack And Rattan Basket
Storage Arrangement For Bedroom

From the pictures above, you can see that there are many examples of storage that you can apply in your home. Many designs of storage that you can choose. Certainly, you have never imagined many images above because the idea above is clever storage ideas ever. Make storage invisible or people who see it don’t know if it is storage. As one example above, you can choose a strategic place to place book storage which can also be used to separate space between rooms.

So, from some pictures above, choose an image that you can use to make storage in your home. Choose the design storage in accordance with the room in your house so you are not confused about placing the storage there. However, if you already have storage, don’t forget to maintain the neatness so that the storage there still looks nice and neat.

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