30 Affordable Patio Design with Painted Tiles

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Having a nice house would not be complete without the presence of patio there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or small patio, but you must have this place in your house. Because the patio is the first room you find when you go inside the house. So designing a patio to be nicer and more interesting is a thing to do. Surely you are confused about doing something to make your patio more attractive. And here we have a suggestion to use painted tiles for your patio.

Painted tiles are tiles that have motives or not plain. You can change the ordinary room into extraordinary using these painted tiles. And the most interesting thing is you can paint your own tiles there. That way, the appearance of the patio will be different just by applying painted tiles there. Because the concept or theme of the patio is different in each house. So you might have patio tiles with different materials. For that, look at some pictures of painted tiles for patio below!

Wooden Pallet Tile
White And Blue Motif
Unique Ceramic Portugal Tile
Striped Tile
Creative Painted Tile With Star Motif
White Grey Mosaic Tile
White And Blue Ceramic
White And Black Tile
White And Black Pattern Tile
White And Black Parallelogram Motif
Unique Mosaic Tile That Made Of Pallet
Simple White And Blue Painted Tiles
Plaid Tile For Your Inspire
Natural Stone
Flower Motif Tiles You Must Try
Mosaic Tile You Must Try
Mosaic Tile You Can Try For Patio
Mosaic Motif Tile
Monochrome Tile For Your Patio
Minimalist Plaid Tile And Rug
Grey And White Triangle Motif
Grey And Blue Portugal Ceramic Tile
Flower Motif Tile That Made Of Wooden Pallet
Ethnic Touch On Floor Ceramics
Chessboard Tile
Brick Floor For Your Patio
Blue Mosaic Tile
Black And White Woven Motif Tile
Black And White Triangle Motif
Black And White Tile For Patio

From the pictures above, you can see how affordable the patio is with painted tiles. Only with painted tiles, patio will be more lifeless and not seen monotonous. Because you can make your own paintings, then you are more able to spend your creativity there. But if you are not sure of your abilities, you can hire the services of a professional tile painter so that the results are maximal. But if you want something instant, you can use motif tiles instead of painted tiles.

With the pictures provided above, hopefully it can inspire you to decorate your patio with painted tiles. Use one picture above as an example of painted tiles that you will apply to the patio in your house. Make people who see the patio impressed with the painted tiles there!

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