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30 Space Saver Solutions for Tiny Apartment

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Having own apartment is a pleasant thing. Someone usually rents or buys apartments with the reasons that an apartment is a cheap building than having to make a house. For an apartment, you only need to buy the building, but to make a house, you have to buy land and then you have to build the house. And the most beneficial is you don’t need to build a swimming pool, children’s play area and a sports place because the apartment has provided these places.

With the many advantages of an apartment, you must be interested in staying there. It doesn’t matter if you only have a tiny apartment because you can take advantage of all the space there. But, you will have difficulty managing the place there. So, here we give some solutions for space savers in the tiny apartment in the form of pictures below. Let’s see.

DIY Storage On The Wall
White Storage Bathroom
White cabinet with many racks
Iron Storage To Store Towels
Hanging Rack in bathroom
Wooden Vertical Rack
 Tiered Wooden Storage Beside the Desk
Wooden Bookshelf
White Wooden Hanging Racks
White Tiered Storage
White Storage In The Middle Of Washing Machine
White Storage Box
Vertical Rack To Store Book
TV Cabinet
Tiered Shoes Rack
Stainless Rack in the kitchen
Simple DIY Hangers
Organized Storage to store cookware
Mini Bar You Must Try
Long Stainless Hanging Rack
Iron Storage To Store Tableware
Creative storage in toilet
Simple hanger to hang some pans
Grey Iron Tiered Storage
DIY Storage Bathroom
Clever Storage Bedroom
Bookshelf On The Wall
Best Clever Storage Bedroom
hanging rack at the corner
hanging rack at the corner
Hidden Storage For Your Kitchen

From some pictures above, those are some space saver solutions that you can try. The point is you must be able to take advantage of the room to be multifunctional so that space can look have a large space, even though it is a tiny apartment. As an easy example above, you can put a cupboard or shelf as a place to put the television and also some books or others in the living room located near the hall. And for the side of the cupboard, you can attach some hooks for you to hang your jacket or other clothes that you have worn from outside the house. With that, one item can produce three various functions there.

So, choose pictures above as your reference in the space saver solution in your tiny apartment. Start to be creative and make the people who come to your apartment impressed with the space saver solutions that you made like some pictures above. So, the space in your apartment can inspire other people.

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