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31 Creative Ideas of Bathroom Storage under the Sink

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In the bathroom design, there is one item that must be there. It is a sink. The sink is your place to wash your hands or wash your face in the bathroom. Many forms of sinks that have been existing such as round, square, oval and other shapes. Usually, the sink is one package with a mirror and table. The sink table is designed as well as the storage for bathing necessities there. The location of the storage is under the sink so it doesn’t need a lot of space for this storage.

Using under the sink as storage is a smart and creative idea. With this storage, you can save the bathroom needs there so that the bathroom will look more presentable. Many storage designs that you can find such as closed and open storage design. It all depends on the needs and interests of someone. So, with the benefits of bathroom storage under the sink, we summarize it in the pictures below, let’s see it!

Tiered Wire Storage
White Graded Storage Rack 
Tiered Plastic Storage Box
Tiered Green Plastic Storage
Sliding Iron Storage
Simple Wooden Storage To Store Toiletries
Plastic Storage Box
Simple wooden storage
Wooden Storage To Store Toiletries
Wooden Storage At The Corner in Cabinet
Wire Storage
White Wooden Storage
White Plastic Storage Box
Towel Hook
Tiered Rattan Basket
Tiered Plastic Storage Box To Store Toiletries
Tiered Basket
Sliding iron storage
Creative storage
Rattan Basket 
Rattan Basket And Plastic Storage
Plastic Storage
organized storage
organized storage
Iron Storage
Iron Storage To Store Toiletries
Iron Storage To Store Toiletries For Your Bathroom
Iron Storage on The Door of Cabinet
Flexible tiered iron storage
Blue Plastic Storage
Blue And Black Plastic Storage Box To Store Toiletries
Black Iron Storage

From the pictures above, you can see how creative it is to make storage under the sink in your bathroom. With the right arrangement, you can make a neat bathroom with this storage there. You can provide several containers that you can use to store various equipment there. You can place several items with the same purpose in one container so that it will be easier for you to find the item you are looking for. Don’t forget to adjust the storage appearance with the bathroom theme there.

So, from now on, make your bathroom neat and clean with the bathroom storage under the sink there. Make some images above as your reference in making multifunctional storage under the sink. Choose a picture that matches the theme of your bathroom, and start making storage there. Let’s try, and good luck!

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